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Back On Track Seminar by Peachtree Bariatrics

Have you, a family member or friend had weight loss surgery? You achieved weight loss and were feeling great right?! You were on your way back to a healthier life, but then one day you noticed that you could eat just a little bit more than usual. No big deal right? Then you began eating just a little more and you are no longer getting satisfied with eating the small amounts you used to. Then, the unthinkable…you started REGAINING THAT AWFUL WEIGHT!!

Well trust me, you are not alone. In some cases up to 50% of patients regain some or even all of their weight back. Most commonly it is because you have either stretched your pouch or your connection between your pouch and you small intestine or both. What a bummer!!

We have a solution for this common experience. Our “Back on Track” program gets you jump started again. With a clever new device, we can reduce your pouch or anastomosis back to its original size so that you can lose all of those pounds that you’ve regained. Additionally, we will discuss non-surgical treatment options to increase your weight loss in conjunction with your surgical procedure.

Please register for our upcoming seminar on this Saturday, August 18, 2012 at 1:00 p.m. for more information about our “Back on Track” program.

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