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Back on Track Program


Weight loss surgery is simply a tool in a patient’s battle to lose weight and become healthy once again. Since weight loss surgery is not a magic bullet, a portion of a patient’s success relies on their willingness to follow a new lifestyle with dietary and exercise changes. While most of our patients succeed in their journey toward their weight loss goals, some do not. The reasons behind not losing enough weight vary widely, however most of the time it is due to the frustrations of plateauing after rapid weight loss.

We are committed to our patient’s aftercare and for those who may be having a hard time losing weight, even after surgery. To address this we have created a comprehensive “Back on Track” program. The program consists of several aftercare resources dedicated to our patients’ weight loss needs.

Most often, it is just a quick modification that gets our patients back on track and other times the cause behind weight gain is more serious. Our comprehensive Back on Track program takes the guesswork out of weight loss and keeps you firmly on the road to your goals.

  • Medical reviews.It is possible, especially with gastric bypass that the stomach pouch has begun to stretch. As the pouch stretches, the patient will tend to stop losing weight and even regain some weight. There are several minimally invasive ways to correct this. These procedures aim at decreasing the size of the stretched pouch or the stretched opening from the pouch, which may be leading to weight regain.
  • Support Groups.For those who may be struggling with their desire to eat as they once did, we have increased the frequency of our support groups. Now held 4 to 5 times per month, our support groups can help patients control their hunger and manage their weight.
  • Nutritional Counseling.Our staff is ready to analyze and adjust your diet to maximize weight loss. Many times the foods we eat or the beverages we drink may seem healthy, but in fact hinder our weight loss. With a nutritional consultation, we can determine bad habits and correct them. You will continue to see our nutritionist until you both feel that you are “back on track!”
  • Behavioral Counseling. Changing your life is not easy and we are here to help you cope. We will guide you through your weight loss journey with coping techniques as well as other tips and tricks to keep you on the right path.