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Patient Portal



In this fast paced medical world, it is important to have information. More importantly is that that information is current and easily accessible so that timely decisions can be made. Healthcare suffers from a manpower shortage. And the only way to accomplish safe, and reliable healthcare is through advances in technology.

It is important for you, the patient, to be an active part of your health. Through efficient communication with your healthcare provider, you can help achieve an optimal outcome to your healthcare needs.

The “Patient Portal” is one of the most effective ways to establish and maintain connectivity with your healthcare provider. Many times office calls can result in long wait times and frustration on behalf of you, the patient.

After the Information Seminar, your next step will be to complete your medical history on the Patient Portal. Information about access to the portal will be given to you through the office staff at the seminar or access is always available on this website.

Filling out your medical history on the Patient Portal is one of the most important steps to beginning your journey towards attaining the goal of healthy weight loss. This information is vital and should be completed in detail. Once your information is inputted accurately, your journey to health can begin.

Getting results of timely lab tests, x-ray studies, office visit reports and other medical procedures can all be effectively and efficiently accomplished through the patient portal. For example, once your lab tests are resulted and complete, you will get an email or text notification that you have results that you can confidentially access. The results will come back to you after they have been reviewed by the healthcare provider, who will then place them on the portal with an explanation and/or instructions as to what steps need to be taken next. This system results in decreased apprehension, fewer missed phone calls going back and forth, less frustration and most importantly, better healthcare communication.

So, your “Patient Portal” is extremely important. Through the website you can generate a username and password to have all of the benefits that the portal has to offer. Then when you visit the office, you will be a more knowledgeable, educated and happier patient.

So don’t delay. We welcome you as a patient of Peachtree Surgical & Bariatrics. Get your access to the “Patient Portal” now. Better and efficient communication will help us help you to reach your goal of making a healthier “YOU”!


Our patient portal also offers convenient mobile apps for both Apple and Android devices. Click on the links below to download the app.