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The Possible Correlation between Obesity and Breast Cancer

Recent research into the correlation between obesity and breast cancer has uncovered yet another link between genetic factors, specifically a variant of the obesity gene, and increased risk of breast cancer by up to 30%. These findings, offered by a study led by Northwestern University and the cancer genetics program at the Robert H. Lurie comprehensive Cancer Center at Northwestern Memorial showed that people who carried a variant of the obesity associated gene had a higher risk of breast cancer. While the cross-section of the population that carries the variant of this obesity gene is under 20%, this study may allow for targeted genetic screenings in the future. In turn, it may offer a greater ability to predict the risk of breast cancer in obese patients. Importantly, it also underscores the dangers of obesity which are many and varied. This survey gives additional credence to the fact that the obesity can cause a greater risk of certain forms of cancer in some individuals.

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