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Taking an Online Seminar

There has been a great deal of interest surrounding online seminars since they first became available several years ago. Online seminars are very useful for patients who are not in the area or cannot make in person seminars because of schedule conflicts. With an online seminar, these patients can get the information that they need straight from our practice. An online seminar is similar to watching church on television; you get the information, just without the chance of fellowship or one on one conversations with the doctors and other previous patients who’ve had the surgery.

While online seminars may seem like advertising tools, they actually serve a much more important purpose. A seminar is the patient’s first glance into the world of bariatric surgery and ideally allows the patient understand the benefits and risks of each procedure. Further, patients can learn more about the surgeon and staff – people they will be working with for months and years to come.

Our online seminar should be taken very seriously and watched in its entirety. By the end of the seminar, the patient should have an idea as to whether or not bariatric surgery is right for them and understand their responsibilities both before and after surgery. Patients should also make it a point to attend a live seminar, or if the dates are truly impossible to work out (and our practice cannot see them at a mutually convenient time), attend a pre-consultation. One-on-one, in person communication with us before a consultation is very important.

Attending a seminar and support group helps develop what will be a long-term relationship. We will be working closely with you to prepare you for surgery and after surgery, support you in your weight loss journey. With that said, we hope you enjoy our online seminar and look forward to meeting you in person to discuss your options for bariatric surgery and a new, healthy you in the future.

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