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Prediabetic Men & Testosterone Levels

This study was conducted to determine the effects of weight loss on testosterone levels and development of diabetes in pre-diabetic men. First, the study concluded that most pre-diabetic, overweight men had low testosterone levels. By implementing an exercise and diet program for weight loss, pre-diabetic men may be able to increase their testosterone levels by over 50% and delay or eliminate the onset of full-fledged type-2 diabetes.

See the entire Medical News Today article at: Prediabetic Men Can Boost Testosterone Levels With Weight Loss

Our Take: Testosterone levels are critical to the proper functioning of the body. In fact, testosterone regulates far more than just sexual function. While studies are varied in nature and conclusion, healthy testosterone levels can have an effect on cancer as well as high blood pressure and other cardiovascular functions. This study is yet another indication that the elimination of excess weight can have a profound effect on the body’s natural processes and hormones.

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