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News About our Secure and Convenient Patient Portal

What’s the patient portal and why is it so special? The patient portal is the newest and most efficient way that the office and staff can communicate with you. Better yet it provides a means for you to communicate with the nurse, patient advocate or anyone you choose without having to sit and wait by the phone for a return phone call.

As you know, we routinely check your lab values at frequent intervals to make sure that you are eating properly and taking your essential vitamins in our quest for your healthier and happier lifestyle. You can now check the results of those lab results through your private access to the patient portal. The comfort of knowing that your labs are all okay, and even if you need to take a little more iron or increase your B-12, can all be obtained through your access to the patient portal!

Get your username and password now, go to the website and click on REGISTER TODAY and begin experiencing the advantages of the NEW Patient Portal.

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