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Good and Bad Days after Surgery

No matter who you are, you’ll have good days and bad days after surgery. As a surgical practice that sees hundreds of people every year, we understand that our patients will not always be able to follow their prescribed aftercare routine. This is especially true with our bariatric surgery patients who have an ongoing journey ahead of them in losing weight and improving their health.

However for all of our surgical patients, regardless of procedure, we try to instill the idea that a bad day does not have to turn into a bad week, month or year. Quite the opposite, in fact. If, as patients, we are able to embrace our bad days, understand why they happened and learn about the triggers that cause them to happen we will then be prepared for what’s to come and possibly avoid it altogether. As we understand ourselves, we can start the next day fresh, with clarity of mind.

Many of our surgical patients are also going through very stressful times in their lives, usually caused by their illness, such as breast cancer, obesity or another debilitating disease. This stress can be extremely disruptive. That’s why it is so important to compartmentalize our bad days and look forward to a great day tomorrow.

As one of our patients, if you find your bad days turning into bad weeks or longer, we strongly encourage you to contact our office immediately and speak to one of our staff members that can help.

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