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Effectiveness of Web Based Weight Loss Tools

In a sign of the times, a Japanese study has shown that those who employ web-based weight loss tools lose a little bit more weight (1.5lbs) than those who employ in person options only. The study that was published in the International Journal of Obesity and reviewed 23 other studies also concluded that online weight loss programs combined with in person programs are seen to be the most effective.

Support after surgery is a critical component of weight loss and disease resolution success and it is a part of recovery that we tried to stress as much as we can. Here at Peachtree Surgical & Bariatrics, we make a significant effort to offer both online and in person support to all of our weight loss surgery patients because real support means better outcomes.

We hope that a study of this sort offers the guidance that that our patients need to commit themselves to regular follow-up and support. We look forward to all our former patients joining us at one of our many support groups held several times a month and also participate in the community section of our website in order to connect with others in their same position.

We look forward to celebrating continued success with you for years to come.

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