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Changes after Bariatric Surgery

Change doesn’t come easy for many of us. We know we need to make changes, but potentially turning our world upside down, even for our own health, is often more than we care to think about. Going vegan overnight or committing to a heavy exercise regime after a long sedentary period usually leads to disaster. The true solution requires baby steps.

Do not attempt to change a lifetime’s worth of habits overnight. Take small steps. Analyze your diet, exercise and lifestyle needs and make one small change at a time. If you know you need more veggies in your diet why not try one vegetarian day a week? Too much dairy fat in your diet? You don’t have to give up milk or cheese, just try switching to a soy product one week a month. Small steps will lead to a significant cut in caloric intake and you’ll likely learn some great new recipes. Can’t seem to commit to hitting the gym four times a week? Don’t sweat it and start small. Commit to a minimum number of ‘movement minutes’ each day – walking, gardening, swimming or housework. Not only are you doing your cardiovascular system a favor, but that movement also helps lower stress levels, which can reduce belly fat.

You are encouraged to experiment and explore, but just one step at a time. Huge, drastic changes – no matter how well-intentioned – rarely work as we beat ourselves up when we fail and fall back into our old unhealthy habits. As you commit to small changes, find the ones you like most and develop them. Then move onto the next step.

We don’t believe it is fair to deprive yourself of the things you love or force you do the things you hate. Rather, we are encouraging you to explore the many and varied food and exercise options that are available. Taking these steps will not only cut calories, but may even turn out to be fun too!

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