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Being Ready to Lose Weight

Patients often wait for the right moment to consider weight loss surgery. What they don’t realize is that no one, but themselves, can define when the right moment comes. While friends, family and doctors may see the benefits of weight loss surgery, it is ultimately up to the patient themselves as to their readiness for surgery.

Those who don’t fully understand the weight loss surgery process often mistakenly believe that it is a cure-all. Rather, it is an effective aid to help the patient lose weight. The patient must be ready for both the physical and psychological challenges that lie ahead. Luckily through comprehensive pre-surgical testing, consultations and evaluations, we will help each the patient understand exactly what is expected of them after surgery.

Patients should take the time to research the procedures, attend one of our free weight loss surgery seminars and speak to former patients to understand what to expect. Weight loss surgery may be the right option for them now, or maybe just not yet. It is up to them to choose the right time for this life-changing procedure. Patients should also be open to spending some time at our support groups. Doing so will allow them to more fully understand life after surgery.

The weight loss journey does not end on the day of surgery. Patients will have to modify their lifestyles and maintain that new and improved diet and exercise regimen for the rest of their lives. Being ready for the lifestyle changes after surgery is just as important as being ready for the surgery itself.

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