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ATTENTION GEORGIA CONSTITUENTS: Please Read important message

The Bariatric Surgery Benefit for Georgia State Employees and Teachers has been Slated for Elimination. We Need Your Help to Preserve this Important Benefit

The Georgia Department of Community Health (DCH) has proposed to eliminate coverage of bariatric surgery for its state employees and teachers in 2012. The elimination of coverage has already started impacting some employees and teachers, as they are not being permitted to start their required 6-month medical weight management programs.

There is still time to act and save this important benefit! We need you to write your legislators and urge them to oppose this proposed cut that would impact many Georgia state employees and teachers affected by obesity.

We’ve made it easy for you to contact your elected officials, just CLICK HERE to visit the OAC Legislative Action Center, and be sure to add your personal story where indicated. Personal stories are powerful and your legislators need to hear how obesity impacts you.

CLICK HERE to Send Your Letter to Your Legislator Now!

The OAC Wants to also Hear Directly from State Employees who Have Already Been Denied Access

The OAC is also creating a database of state employees/teachers who have been denied access to bariatric surgery under the new rule. If you have been denied such coverage, please share your story and contact information by writing Our goal is to recruit state employees/teachers to call key legislators and officials and share how the cut to this benefit would impact their health and well being.

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