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Obera Intragastric Balloon

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Proven Safety. Proven Effectiveness.
Lose weight endoscopically with the world’s #1 weight loss balloon.


A safe and nonsurgical weight loss program with 20 years’ experience and over 400,000 balloons distributed worldwide.


How it works


The Orbera® gastric balloon is inserted through the mouth, with no incisions. Afterward, you have less room in your stomach, but more room to succeed with your weight loss goals.



How effective?




The average person loses 3x more weight than diet & exercise alone.




20 - 50 Pounds

Orbera is a minimally invasive weight loss solution to help your patients lose 20-50 pounds.




Nearly 300,000 gastric balloons have been distributed worldwide.




Orbera has been used by leading hospitals and the medical community for over 20 years because it is recognized as safe and having proven weight loss results.