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Study: Gastric Banding May Pay for Itself in as Little as 2 ½ Years

A study in the journal Surgery for Obesity and Related Diseases and announced by Allergan, Inc. showed that the cost savings associated with gastric banding procedures may offset the cost of gastric banding surgery in under 2.5 years for those with diabetes and within 4 years for those without diabetes.

Interestingly, according to the study, while the medical costs of gastric banding patients dipped slightly after surgery, the medical costs of non-bariatric obese patients consistently rose. The combination of cost savings and avoidance of increased costs makes for the excellent financial benefits.

Obesity costs private and public institutions significant sums of money every year. Yet insurers still haven’t unleashed the full financial potential of approving obese patients for bariatric surgery. Of course there must be a medical purpose for this surgery in addition to financial considerations.

The two major brand names for the gastric banding procedure are the Lap-Band® and the Realize® Band. To view the PR Wire press release please visit:

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