Exercise Tips for Avoiding Weight Regain

Exercise is a critically important part of any diet and a cornerstone of success after bariatric surgery. While bariatric surgery can restrict the number of calories that someone consumes, it does not help with the burning of additional calories. A proper exercise regimen can complement a healthy diet and allow for significant weight loss in a very healthy and safe manner. There are good and bad ways to exercise. Ensuring that an exercise program is as effective as possible can mean the difference between weight regain and continued weight loss.

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First, there is a tendency for many bariatric patients to over-exercise. As with everything in life, we preach moderation. Yes, exercising too little can be a problem; however exercising too much can cause additional strain on the body, leading to injuries that can sideline a patient for weeks or even months. The result can be frustration and cause for a patient to give up their exercise program
Exercising can also be ineffective if it is too repetitive. Most experts will recommend that patients work a different part of the body at each workout. Working the same muscle group over and over again can eventually become ineffective. Alternating between different muscle groups cannot only burn more calories, but it can also make the exercise regimen that much more interesting.

Finally, one of the keys to longevity in an exercise program is finding someone to exercise with. Whether it is a family member, a friend or an acquaintance from support group, patients can go to the gym with someone close to them. Having somebody alongside to motivate them and propel them in their journey to weight loss through exercise can be amazingly helpful. Patients should be sure that whomever they work out with understand the limitations and requirements as laid out in our post bariatric surgery guidebook.

Exercise may not always be the reason for weight regain and as such your diet must also be evaluated to ensure that it is not in fact what you’re eating that is causing the weight regain. If your diet and exercise regimen are adequate you may have to explore the option of a revision bariatric procedure to correct the problem. We suggest that you contact our office to understand more about weight regain and the possibilities for reversing weight gain after bariatric surgery.

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