Medical Weight Loss

Medical weight loss, also known as physician supervised weight loss, is a non-surgical option for those who do not qualify for bariatric surgery, those who wish to lose between 10 and 30% of their excess body weight or bariatric surgery patients who wish to enhance their weight loss after surgery. A medical weight loss program is generally more effective than dieting and exercising unsupervised at home, because it not only offers the patient an effective diet and exercise plan, but it is also meant to teach you so you can maintain a significant lifestyle change.

One of the reasons why unsupervised diet and exercise plans are generally ineffective over the long-term is because patients look to them as a quick fix. A medical weight loss program on the other hand presents the theory and research behind lifestyle change along with techniques to ensure patients keep it up over the long-term.  The weight loss center staff will also offer tips, tricks and advice to make dieting an exercising fun, a key to long-term success.

Further, having the supervision and support of a well-trained staff, with expertise in non-surgical weight loss, can be exactly what the patient needs to give them the confidence to remain motivated.

Details of the PSB Medical Weight Loss Program

The keys to our medical weight loss approach:

  • Convenient, one-on-one consultations with clinicians to identify the specific habits, behaviors, and actions that impact your weight and health
  • Personalized weight loss plans based on each your unique weight and medical history, health and eating habits, and fitness and activity patterns, as well readiness to make a life-long change
  • Compassionate help, when and where you need it. Life gets in the way of change – so you can opt for some of your office visits to be virtual so we can meet with you anywhere you are.
  • Realistic lifestyle plans that fit your life, your struggles, and your goals. Our dedicated clinicians help patients feel safe and comfortable, increasing the odds of success by enabling you to be honest about poor weight and health decisions made during the program. The only true food and fitness solution is one that fits your life now — and changes as you change.

Often people who are trying to lose weight feel deprived.  At Peachtree Bariatrics, we want you to have options that work for you.  The Medical Weight Management program includes:

  • Easy to follow, enjoyable meal plans that fit your lifestyle, palate, and weight loss goals. Most importantly, the nutrition program will help you learn to eat to manage your weight.
  • Integrated fitness program with a small-changes approach to physical activity & fitness.
  • Body and behavior awareness, with individualized goals to help you on your journey to reach a healthier lifestyle and weight.

To learn more about the Peachtree Surgical & Bariatrics medical weight loss program, we encourage you to give us a call to schedule your appointment.

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