Endoscopic Thyroid & Parathyroidectomy

Traditional thyroidectomy accesses the thyroid gland through a 4-6 inch horizontal incision in the neck. The majority of thyroid tumors removed are non-cancerous; however, for what turned out to be benign, most people are left with a permanent incision in their neck.

Endoscopic thyroidectomy is a surgical procedure that involves the removal of the thyroid gland with a high level of safety and without a permanent scar left in the neck area. Dr. Titus Duncan, one of the pioneers of this procedure in the United States, performs endoscopic thyroidectomy using a transaxillary endoscopic approach, where even the largest of thyroid glands can be removed without an incision in the neck. The resulting scars are limited to the underarm area and are hidden when the patient’s arm is in its normal position.

Dr. Duncan performs both thyroid and parathyroid surgery using this unique approach which allows better visualization of the anatomy and a safer surgery. While the surgery produces no visible scars, he notes that that is simply the icing on the cake. This procedure is performed using high definition video cameras and monitors, along with field magnification and focused lighting of the operative field. As a result, endoscopic surgery may be a safer and more accurate approach to removal of both the thyroid as well as the parathyroid gland in patients who require this type operation.

Scarless “Neck” Thyroid Surgery

Its not really scarless surgery as there has to be some scar to perform the surgery. However the scars in this surgery are hidden beneath the arm, invisible unless the underarm area is examined. Thyroid and parathyroid surgery using the Endoscopic approach provides superior visualization with high definition of the major structures within the neck. Using these techniques ultimately allows the surgeon to see better, which should result in improved safety.

The goal of any surgical procedure has always been to cure disease with safety of the procedure as the ultimate outcome. Having performed one of the largest series of this type procedure in the country, our facility has been able to provide the benefit of a safe and effective operation while at the same time enjoying the added benefit of hidden surgical scars.

Patients undergoing the traditional open thyroidectomy, unfortunately, are forced to live with a permanent neck scar for the rest of their lives. Many patients go through great extremes trying to hide such scars using techniques such as make up, pearl necklaces, turtle neck sweaters and scarves in an effort to hide these incisions.

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