Hernia Repair in Atlanta, Georgia

Hernias occur when the abdominal muscle has been weakened and a bulge or tear occurs as a result. The inner abdominal lining then starts to push out through the abdominal wall. When contact between the bulging lining and any other part of the abdomen occurs, it can be very painful and cause serious medical issues that must be treated immediately.

Hernias are most often found in three areas of the body: in the groin (inguinal) near the navel (umbilical) or near the site of a surgical procedure (incisional). Hernias are usually caused by heavy lifting or strain, age, a previous surgical procedure or a birth defect in the abdominal lining.

How We Treat Hernias

A hernia must be repaired surgically and if caught soon enough, the hernia can be repaired quickly and simply using a minimally invasive approach. If the hernia is not treated, it will become larger and consequently the operation to fix it will become more complex. We strive to treat hernias with a minimally invasive approach, however not every patient is suited to this type of surgery. An open procedure may be the best option, especially if a patient has had previous abdominal surgery or other medical issues. It is almost always performed on an out-patient basis and usually the patient gets back to work within 1 -2 weeks depending on the type of job they perform.

Risks and Considerations of Hernia Repair

  • Like any surgical procedure, there are risks inherent to an operation. The most common complications are bleeding and infection.
  • Depending on the exact location of the hernia, injury to the bladder, intestine and other gastrointestinal components is possible.
  • The hernia does have a chance of re-occurrence in the same location. The abdominal walls is damaged and will stay weaker long-term.
  • Immediately following surgery, there is the chance that the patient will have difficulty urinating.
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