Results of a 1 Year Diet and Exercise Weight Loss Study

A recent German study has shown that after one year a diet and exercise based weight-loss regimen that significantly changes one’s lifestyle can help an obese person lose about as much weight as weight loss surgery. This study published in the International Journal of Obesity and reported by Reuters Health showed that women who completed the one-year program lost about 43 pounds and men 57 pounds.

There is no doubt that diet and exercise as well as lifestyle changes are the best way to lose weight and that is why weight loss surgery is for those who have tried and failed. Unfortunately, the study goes on to show that over 40% of the participants quit before the end of the year-long study and of the ones that actually completed the study, three quarters of their weight loss returned after three years!  Something that we’re seeing over and over again and is quite typical for the overweight patient.

Weight loss surgery is meant to help people lose weight and keep it off over the long-term and that is why it is the currently the most effective long-term weight loss and obesity related disease treatment. While it is a solution of last resort and still requires a lifestyle change after surgery, for some it is a life changing and possible life saving procedure.

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