PSB now offers the new “Greater Curve Plication” weight loss surgery

Greater Curve PlicationWe are very proud to be offering the laparoscopic greater curve plication weight loss surgery procedure as the newest of our bariatric options. The LGCP is a new and unique procedure in which we cut the stomach on one side to allow us to see and get access to the front and back parts of the stomach.

On one side, we begin to fold the stomach and fasten it to reduce the size of the stomach pouch and in turn restrict the amount of food that can remain in the stomach at any given time. This restriction is what causes the excellent weight loss results we expect from the LGCP. Unlike some other weight loss surgery procedures, the greater curve plication procedure does not require a medical device to be implanted, no stomach tissue is removed and the bowel is not altered permanently.

The advantages of LGCP:

The LGCP procedure is still relatively new however the data we have now is showing excellent results. These may include:

  • The average patient will lose more than 50% of their excess body weight.
  • Patients may not have to undergo as many follow up visits as after gastric banding (Lap-Band and Realize Band).
  • Complications associated with an implanted device (gastric band) or a leaking staple line (gastric bypass) can potentially be reduced.

Risks of LGCP:

Again, this procedure is in its infancy however initial data is showing that the procedure may have a lower risk profile than other weight loss surgery procedures. Most often, side effects and risks of the LGCP include nausea and vomiting. Of course this is still a significant surgical procedure and comes with similar risks to any other operation. Additional studies are needed to evaluate long-term outcomes.

Please contact us to learn more about the complications and risks associated with this procedure.

Learn more with the following fact sheets:

Greater Curve Plication Fact Sheet
Greater Curve Plication Step-By-Step

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