New Investigational Procedure, Banded Plication, Maybe the Best of Both Worlds for Weight Loss Surgery

The gastric band plication is a recently introduced investigational procedure that combines the safety and benefit of the gastric plication with that of the laparoscopic adjustable gastric band.  Both procedures by themselves are known for their safety and effectiveness while achieving significant and durable weight loss.  Neither procedure involves cutting, stapling or re-routing the intestinal track that largely accounts for it’s relatively low complication rate.

Combining the procedure may theoretically provide an “additive” effect in accomplishing weight loss above that of either procedure alone.  Furthermore, combining the plication procedure with the adjustable gastric band significantly reduces the number of adjustments needed and as a result may reduce the number of complications associated with the adjustment procedure.

Finally, there are some patients where the band may not be the best alternative for durable weight loss.  Several studies have shown that in certain patients the laparoscopic adjustable band fails to achieve optimal weight loss leading to patient frustration and disappointment.

Although there is limited data on this new weight loss procedure, there continues to be a high level of  optimism that the laparoscopic banded plication will become a permanent staple in the surgical therapy for metabolic weight loss.

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