Papillary Thyroid Cancer & Obesity

We wanted to highlight this article and the study it deals with because the link between certain forms of cancer, excess weight, and obesity is becoming increasing clear.  The study published in the Archives of Surgery and referenced in this article has made the connection between increased BMI and the increased virulence of papillary thyroid cancer – especially in the obese. Ultimately, beyond the fact that obesity may indeed cause more aggressive thyroid cancers, it also complicates the surgery needed to treat it. This and similar research should be followed closely, especially in those patients who are at an increased risk for papillary thyroid cancer.

More on this topic at Medical News Today: More Aggressive Papillary Thyroid Cancer Found In Obese Patients

Our take: Dr. Duncan is one of the foremost thyroid and parathyroid surgeons in the United States and has been at the leading edge of several surgical techniques including the no neck scar thyroid removal. This, combined with his extensive knowledge in bariatrics, has given him first-hand experience with how obesity and excess weight affects other parts of the body. Ultimately, the findings of this study are not terribly surprising. Obesity takes a toll on the body to a degree that we are still not fully aware of and developing a definitive link between obesity and certain forms of cancer is the next frontier.

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